Our mission is to address health care disparities, improve cultural competency and access to health care for the increasingly diversified U.S. population by increasing the pipeline of medical students from gender and ethnic minority groups seeking to become orthopaedic surgeons. This is an effort to address the current paucity of female and ethnic minority orthopaedic surgeons, comprising approximately 7% and 3% of all U. S. orthopaedic surgeons, respectively.

Nth Dimensions Education Solutions is an educational non-profit organization whose goal is to provide the resources, expertise and experience through developmental programming, scholarships and grants to the aforementioned students enrolled in accredited U.S. medical schools. 

Success Stories

Historically, of the Nth Dimensions Scholars that enter the “Match,” 50-80% become orthopaedic residents. In 2013, 9 of the 10 (90%) students applying for orthopaedic residency successfully matched in the field, our best year yet.


In partnership with the AAOS, fifteen 2014 Orthopaedic Summer Interns (OSIs) were selected. The 2014 OSIs are currently participating in their internship programs now and will be presenting their research at the annual meeting of the National Medical Association in Honolulu on August 2, 2014. Best to all of our OSIs!

OSI Scholar to Orthopaedic Resident 
Congratulations to former OSI and Nth scholar Alysia Robertson, MD. Dr. Robertson has begun her orthopaedic residency at the Baylor College of Medicine. Taking the initiative in leadership roles early in her training, Dr. Robertson is truly the epitome of success. 
Congratulations - Former OSI's Complete Orthopaedic Residency
July 03, 2014
Applications Available November 1st
July 01, 2014
2013 Women's Professional Development Symposium
October 15, 2013