5 Reflections from Interns on Week 2

We went ahead and pulled 2 intern social media posts from Week 2 reflections, and created a list of 5 things you can learn.

Let us know in the comments if you can add to them, and what you have learned. 



1. Managing expectations is difficult and can be executed in different ways.

When observing residents, I've seen that they are more hopeful when speaking to patients in verbiage, content, and tone. My preceptor is, conversely, very blunt about the risks/ uncertainties/ possibilities of less than 100% recovery. While she still concludes the patient interaction on a hopeful note, she does this in different ways. She is very intent on not giving false hope but instead encouraging a positive and spiritual outlook. -Taylor

2. "Whenever you don't want to see someone, spend more time with them" -Dr. Gantt.

I think this is important because it emphasizes a critical need for self-awareness. We discussed biases during orientation, and it's important to actually apply these ideas when dealing with individuals that we are less than ecstatic or at the very least moderately neutral about treating. Being aware of our biases may not acutely change them, but it may certainly affect our communication and delivery of care, which may directly affect patient perception, comprehension of care, compliance, and even outcomes. I appreciated seeing this in action. -Taylor

3. I learned more this week about the process of Total Hip and Total Knee Replacements and Revisions... 

Changing my vantage point of the surgeries and talking to different people helped, like Surgical Techs, nurses, Zimmer representatives, and anesthesia. They all have very different jobs to do and it was great to learn how all of the jobs work together for the common goal of patient satisfaction. -Virgenal

4. Coffee is the best thing ever. ☕️☕️☕️!!!

There were at least two days this week where coffee literally got me from point A to point B. The intense scheduling of physicians, I realized, can take some time to adjust to. -Virgenal

5. There is nothing more preparing than sleep.

I learned to fall asleep earlier and wake up earlier than the previous week. Although some of my first week exhaustion was attributed to flying in and getting situated, I was definitely in a better and more active mindset during many of my encounters and I felt really good this week meeting and speaking with different people. -Virgenal

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