1. Jamaican Food and Cigars

My last day in clinic was Thursday and Dr. Stewart treated the office to delicious Jamaican food to celebrate my last day with a sales rep presentation as well. The high school student was back to shadow Dr. Stewart as well, and I had fun letting him present the patients that we saw to Dr. Stewart and he actually did a great job! I ended the day by giving Dr. Stewart a thank you card and some nice cigars, which he really appreciated. Friday was spent picking up my poster and dropping off my last thank you cards to Dr. Ramirez, the female 3rd year resident whom I took call with a bunch at the beginning of the summer, and Dr. Schlatterer, my research PI who has been so supportive during each step of our project. He sent me an awesome text of encouragement for the weekend wishing me luck at the conference.

- Denise


2. Impact

This week was a great last week! Dr. Santos was on call once again, so we were able to be in more surgeries than usual. This week also was exciting because Leo and I were able to print out our posters and really see all the hard work come to fruition (it really was a lot of work). 
Saying goodbye over the last couple of days has made me realize that there are so many people that have had an impact on me this summer. There were so many inquiries to where we were off to next and so many well-wishes. I am truly thankful for what this summer has offered me.

- Yale


3. Kill my STEP 1

This summer has been life-changing. Being able to wake up every morning to do something I love showed me a glimpse of what the future holds for me. Thank you Nth Dimensions for this opportunity. As this week came to a closed both my mentors gave me evaluations and they both mentioned how they would love to have me come back not just for a Sub-I but for residency. They noted that the one thing they need me to do is to kill my STEP 1. Hearing their kind words and knowing that I have them supporting me has increased my motivation. I start my M2 year Monday and because of this experience and the words of my mentors I am ready for war! I am truly going to miss the Johns Hopkins staff, residents, and of course my mentors. They have really made me feel welcomed. Pictured below my very fashionable mentor Dr. Oni

- Chantel


4. Game Plan

The final week was great. My preceptors gave me a game plan for the next year and how to succeed as I continue through medical school. I also participated in types of cases I have never seen before. I was able to finish my poster just in time with the help of my team here. I learned so much this summer and I'll forever be grateful to my two preceptors for taking the time to teach me about orthopaedics.

- Adam


5. Carrot Cake Cupcakes

It was a great last week with my preceptor, and it was a week of turnover for many people around me, including the fellows and visiting 4th year students. For my last day I made carrot cake cupcakes for those in clinic and I think they were a hit. I'm very excited for second year to start and to continue pursuing more opportunities in orthopedics. We start school Monday!! I also gave a presentation at our school run poster fair. Excited to see everyone tonight!

- Brenda