Making Black History Now!


How many of us have actually met an inventor, a clinician-scientist who has developed, designed, engineered and subsequently implanted their own medical device in patients? Well, please meet two of our mentor surgeons who are making Black History Now!




Dr. J. Mandume Kerina

Dr. J. Mandume Kerina is a fellowship-trained spine and a total joint surgeon who designed and led the research and development team for the patented Moto Unicondylar Knee Prosthesis, in conjunction with Medacta International.


Dr. Kerina now leads the team implanting his own knee prosthesis, with its national release scheduled during the AAOS meeting this March! #Wow #MakingBlackHistory #orthopeadicsurgery #orthorocks #Inventor #Innovator #Patents #Dream #Believe #Achieve

Dr. Emory Alexander

Is also an orthopaedic surgeon, who has specialized in spine, hand and total joints, who has developed multiple cervical implants, such as anterior cervical plates, pedicle screws, etc., in conjunction with domestic and international implant manufacturers, as well.

What are your dreams driving you to develop, design, invent and implant?


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