Nth Top Tips PART 1

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My NTH Top Tip for the upcoming M3s would be to keep in touch with the medical students you rotate with at other institutions and medical students you run into on the interview trail, as well as the residents. I've made some good friends through rotations and have kept in touch with many. It's great to already be forming connections with people who will now be ortho residents all over the country- start forming a network now and don't delete any cell phone numbers!

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My NTH Top Tip for M3s is: Go rotate where you want to end up, or at least be considered for an Interview. (Short backstory is that my future co-resident, Jay Fitts, and I both rotated at U Cincy and ultimately matched there!!! Rotating at a program gives you a month long insight into the program and sometimes serves as a month long interview as well. Some programs like UC also interviews their rotators during the subi which saves time and travel expenses later in the season). 

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My NTH Top Tip would be to tell the M3s to not underestimate the power of having a good attitude every day on away rotations. As much as away rotations are an audition to see how much you know and how much you can learn, it is also a way for attendings to see if they enjoy working with you if you are a great team player and get along with not only the residents and attendings but all of the staff. Having a good attitude is pretty infectious and makes you pleasant to work with.


My NTH Top Tip: the people around you really matter. It’s interesting for me to think that throughout the experience of my sub-i’s I was doing the thing that I loved loved day and it was basically the same work across institutions, but the people around me modified how I felt at the end of the day. Not just residents and attendings, but most importantly WHO were the other sub-Is who chose that institution and who were the support staff who chose to work there.