Nth Top Tips Part 2


My Nth Top Tip: It is OK not to like a program that you rotated at. (Still work hard and have people like you there because those residents and attendings will one day be your colleagues) If you felt absolutely terrible at a program for 4 weeks imagine being there for 5-6 years. 


My Nth Top Tip:: Approach the season open minded. Whether it’s with aways, interviews, etc. Things don’t always go exactly as you have things mapped out; however, they usually do work out and you’ll end up in a program that is a fit for you. 


My Nth Top Tip: I wanted to share a lesson that I learned this past year. Make sure to do some sort of research on the programs you apply to before you apply, and to have some sort of idea what type of program you want to be in. I found myself interviewing at some places that I did not necessarily want to be, and realized there were programs I hadn't applied to that would have been a good fit for me. Luckily it all worked out for the best in the end, but it is something I wish I focused on more vs applying widely simply based on things like location. I hope this can help any of the M3's as they gear up for the tough months ahead!