Nth Fam, please welcome the 2018 class of Nth Dimensions Summer Interns who are on their way to their respective internship locations as we speak.


We had a ball this weekend at our orientation at the ACR headquarters with our 32 summer interns this year in orthopaedic surgery, radiology and physical therapy.

Here are some reflections from week 1 from our Nth Dimensions Summer Interns.

1. Oh...Rats!!!

Andrew Homere  - Radiology  Medical School:  Keck School of Medicine of USC  Preceptor:  Dr. Jay Lieberman  NDSI Location:  Keck Medical Center at USC

Andrew Homere - Radiology
Medical School: Keck School of Medicine of USC
Preceptor: Dr. Jay Lieberman
NDSI Location: Keck Medical Center at USC

I learned how to assist in rat surgery, how to x-ray these rats, and how to harvest their femurs. This research has been supplemented with more laboratory safety training. 





2. Comprehensive Cancer Center

Kirsten Schofield  - Radiology  Medical School:  Morehouse School of Medicine  Preceptor:  Dr. Erqi Pollum and Dr. Iris Gibbs  NDSI Location:  Stanford University Medical Center

Kirsten Schofield - Radiology
Medical School: Morehouse School of Medicine
Preceptor: Dr. Erqi Pollum and Dr. Iris Gibbs
NDSI Location: Stanford University Medical Center

It's been a really nice week here at Stanford.

I got to meet both of my preceptors this week and spent the whole day with Dr. Gibbs on Tuesday. She was gracious enough to treat me to both breakfast and lunch during her clinic day. During our discussion as well as my time observing her interaction with patients, I truly admire how much she cares for her patients.

She even told me that she makes sure to remember each patient she has treated. I admire the fact that, as a radiation oncologist, she does her best to not make cancer the dominating thing in her patients' lives, instead doing what she can to treat them in the best way possible while allowing them to enjoy life as best they can.


3. John Hopkins + Morbidity & Mortality

Lauren Hollifield  - Orthopaedics  Medical School:  UNLV School of Medicine  Preceptor:  Dr. Dawn Laporte and Dr. Julius Oni  NDSI Location:  Johns Hopkins Hospital

Lauren Hollifield - Orthopaedics
Medical School: UNLV School of Medicine
Preceptor: Dr. Dawn Laporte and Dr. Julius Oni
NDSI Location: Johns Hopkins Hospital

This week was shorter for me than most since I had to return to Las Vegas to take my final exam Monday! I started working with Dr. Oni at Johns Hopkins on Wednesday. Since Wednesday, I have seen 7 knee replacements and 1 hip replacement. Today, I scrubbed in and helped retract, place screws and close. Yesterday, I spent going to resident education lectures, Morbidity &Mortality talks and starting on my research project. 


4. "...Excited Just Holding Tools, Body Parts, and Retractors"

Akini Moses  - Orthopaedics  Medical School:  Howard University COM  Preceptor:  Dr. Toni M. McLaurin  NDSI Location:  NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital

Akini Moses - Orthopaedics
Medical School: Howard University COM
Preceptor: Dr. Toni M. McLaurin
NDSI Location: NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital

What a week!

Easily my favorite experience of medical school so far. My preceptor, her colleagues, and the residents at NYU Bellevue have all been very welcoming and helpful as I acclimated to the internship. 

I've seen a bunch of surgeries and got to scrub in on a few, the most recent being a posterior acetabular fx repair today. My preceptor is a traumatologist so there really aren't any typical cases.

This week I've just been excited just holding tools, body parts, and retractors. 


5. "This Program is Life Changing..."

Gabriel Onor  - Orthopaedics  Medical School:  Brown University Medical School  Preceptor:  Dr. Lutul Farrow  NDSI Location:  Cleveland Clinic

Gabriel Onor - Orthopaedics
Medical School: Brown University Medical School
Preceptor: Dr. Lutul Farrow
NDSI Location: Cleveland Clinic

One week in and I can already tell that this program is life-changing.

This summer, I have the pleasure of shadowing and doing research with Dr. Lutul Farrow of the Cleveland Clinic. As a sports medicine subspecialist, he primarily treats patients with knee and shoulder trouble.

This week, I learned how to scrub in and got to see five knee cases - two scopes, a medial meniscus repair, an ACL reconstruction, and an MPFL reconstruction.

I was blown away by my experiences thus far, and this week has certainly confirmed my drive to make this dream of ortho a reality.