Nth Gives Back

This is our annual #nthgivesback! Strong work, Nth Fam!

Our mantra is, "Nth Dimensions Scholars are excellence personified as #leaders, #scholars and #physicians in #service to all communities!


1. Sandwiches, Fruit, Cookies… and Ice Pops

While driving around Houston, Ebony and I noticed a substantial homeless population so we decided to focus our efforts on feeding them. We pooled our funds and assembled sandwiches, fruit, cookies and water into lunch bags. When we arrived at the downtown transportation center with the lunch bags, hungry folks were relieved to see us. Yet, we weren’t the only ones in a giving mood. Mr. Barry Gordon, a former felon turned prison reform activist, pulled along side us to serve ice pops to our hungry neighbors in the sweltering heat. We joined forces and were able to give lunch and dessert to over 70 people in only 20 minutes! It was a perfect end to my time in Houston. #NthGivesBack




2. Brunch - Eggs, Sausage, Biscuits, and Pancakes

Noah Nicholas    with Ryan Mak

Noah Nicholas with Ryan Mak

Ryan and I volunteer at the Hopsitality of Charlotte. We volunteered to cook breakfast for seriously-ill people and their families! We roughly cooked 20 pancakes, 40 eggs, 16 biscuits, and several pieces of sausage links with orange side! 🤗 We tested our cooking skills this morning and they seemed to love it! The eggs (Ryan's) were almost gone when we left lol.

This activity was a lot of fun and I was happy to be apart of it! I would definitely do this activity again because I have always enjoyed cooking and cooking for this special community was very rewarding!


3. Coach for Kids

I volunteered in a health fair called Coach for Kids! Coach for kids is a program designed to help kids stay safe during the summer and also teach them the importance of preventive medicine. It was so much fun seeing kids come up with their painted faces asking to spin the Sunburn wheel. Even many of the parents were excited to be there and asked really serious questions concerning their health. Overall, it was a 10/10 experience!


4. 97 Families Fed

Brian Thompson with Brian K. Fowler

Brian Thompson with Brian K. Fowler

This week wasn’t half bad at all. I worked in IR and the Emergency department. In the ED Dr. Arroyo spent a lot of time conversing with me and t discussing the Anatomy and pathology of each case. The power of Radiological imaging is amazing in 5 hours we reviewed and dictated 159 cases! That is 159 lives impacted in 5 hours. Speaking of impact Brian K Fowler and I volunteered at grace community food pantry which was a great experience as well! 97 families were fed today it was well worth the drive! Final update the research project is going well I’m excited to present to you all and I have high hopes for the this research in the future. Can’t wait to see you all.


5. Back to School Jam

I had the opportunity to volunteer with the Jackson Medical Mall Foundation which hosted its 4th annual Jumpstart: Back to School Jam. The Jackson medical mall foundation was founded in 1996 by Dr. Aaron Shirley. He and his colleagues transformed an abandoned shopping mall to a modern medical and retail facility.

For the last 3 years, the foundation hosts a back to school jam for kids in the Jackson community with the goal to provide children with back to school essentials like health screening, dental cleaning, immunizations, school supplies and much more. I found the opportunity online and reached out to coordinator, Ms. Dana Gandy. Today was a busy day as I helped set up the event, assisted where I could with health screenings and even got to work the arts and craft station with the kiddos!

Overall, it was a great experience and I was lucky to be a part of an endeavor to increase access to healthcare as well as scholarship!

6. FREE Clinic

This past week, I also volunteered at the Robert R Frank Student Run Free Clinic that is located on the city borders of Detroit near Mexican-town. The clinic aims to provide free health services and referrals for patients who are un- or under-insured in the Detroit area. Not only are patients able to come and be evaluated, they are able to refill their medication, speak with a social work team and even have the opportunity to participate in research studies such as a project under UberHealth. The social work team is able to coordinate outside screening that the patients may require including mammogram, colonoscopy, dentistry, vision checks and mental health services. It was incredible to see the trust that patients have in us as student doctors, continuing to come to the clinic and give us the opportunity to practice being providers. I definitely got a better look at some of the social factors and determinants of health that are particularly in play here in Detroit such as food insecurity and lacking transportation. I definitely hope to spend some more time here in my next few years of medical school!