2020 NRMP Match season


Q: What do you do while you wait for interview responses?

A: Stay ready, so you don’t have to get ready!

The 2020 NRMP Match season is just getting started and many of our M4 year students are anxiously awaiting a response from programs for interviews. Use this time wisely to get all of your interview materials in order. 

    • Review and update your CV 

    • Take notes on your away rotations and other experiences, including highlights and challenges.  If you have notes it will be easier for you to recall your thoughts and become comfortable with discussing your experience 

    • Develop your elevator pitch. You only have a few minutes to share your experiences and pathway to medicine. If you can connect the dots and demonstrate the value of your experience it will be easier for programs to imagine you as part of their team. 

    • Develop and strengthen your response to common interview questions.