1. Self Development

Fred Vilson  - Orthopaedics  Medical School:  Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine  Preceptor:  Dr. Eric Carson  NDSI Location:  University of Virginia Health System

Fred Vilson - Orthopaedics
Medical School: Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Preceptor: Dr. Eric Carson
NDSI Location: University of Virginia Health System


What an incredible journey. Just would like to thank Nth dimension for this opportunity in not only pursuing our goals medically, but in self development and improvement. This experience has taught me what kind of preceptor I would want to be when it is my turn to pay it forward. Dr. Eric Carson displayed what it is like to be an educator; not a teacher. There were lessons where I definitely will pass on to the next cohort and future generations; and, there were other I would like to expand and improve. Overall, this experience has been more than just fulfilling requirements to become an orthopedic surgeon, but to enhance interpersonal skills, humanistic traits, compassion, accountability and grit. All of these traits despite the journey you may embark on you will need to be excellence personified in your respected field.


2. Connections

Sydney Singleterry  - Orthopaedics  Medical School:  UT Southwestern  Preceptor:  Dr. Valerae Lewis  NDSI Location:  MD Anderson Cancer Center

Sydney Singleterry - Orthopaedics
Medical School: UT Southwestern
Preceptor: Dr. Valerae Lewis
NDSI Location: MD Anderson Cancer Center

My final week was pretty relaxed. I spent the week gathering additional data and meeting with each of my mentors about wrapping up individual projects.

I can’t express enough gratitude for the efforts made to make my summer successful. My preceptor, Dr. Patrick Lin stepped in at the last minute and exceeded all of my expectations.

I made many connections throughout this exciting summer and I look forward to maintaining these relationships in the future.



3. Balance

Kristen Williams  - Radiology  Medical School:  Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine  Preceptor:  Dr. Michele Johnson  NDSI Location:  Yale-New Haven Hospital

Kristen Williams - Radiology
Medical School: Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine
Preceptor: Dr. Michele Johnson
NDSI Location: Yale-New Haven Hospital

My final week at Yale New Haven Hospital was bitter sweet.

While it signified the end of a wonderful experience, Dr. Johnson reassured me that this was the beginning of future opportunities in Radiology or any field she could assist me with. Her commitment to my future is one I can never truly repay. My week ranged from watching Dr. Johnson treat Spinal Muscular Atrophy patients to watching breast biopsies at the Smilow Cancer Center. I can go write endlessly about my experiences; however, I would rather show my gratitude to a woman that managed to balance so many things and still continue to prioritize me. This was an amazing summer because of Dr. Michele H. Johnson or better know as "MJ" 



4. Navigating your Future

Gabriel Onor  - Orthopaedics  Medical School:  Brown University Medical School  Preceptor:  Dr. Lutul Farrow  NDSI Location:  Cleveland Clinic

Gabriel Onor - Orthopaedics
Medical School: Brown University Medical School
Preceptor: Dr. Lutul Farrow
NDSI Location: Cleveland Clinic

This summer was one for the books. Had an amazing last week wrapping up my project and speaking with my preceptor Dr. Farrow. I learned a lot from him over these past 8 weeks, and I am extremely grateful to have had this wonderful opportunity.

Here’s a picture of me with Marsalis Brown, a 2016 NDSI with Dr. Farrow. He gave me great advice on navigating med school post-summer internship.




5. Experience is the Key

Edna Wang  - Radiology  Medical School:  Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University  Preceptor:  Dr. Andrea Birch  NDSI Location:  Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Edna Wang - Radiology
Medical School: Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University
Preceptor: Dr. Andrea Birch
NDSI Location: Vanderbilt University Medical Center

This week, I shadowed in nuclear medicine, vascular and cardiac imaging, pediatric imaging, chest radiology, and neuroradiology. In addition to shadowing, I also met one-on-one with my preceptor, the program director of interventional radiology, and the radiology department chair about my experience this summer and advice on pursuing a career in radiology. Moreover, I was able to get my poster printed free of cost through the Vanderbilt Radiology Department.

As I reflect on my experiences this summer, I cannot imagine a better way to spend my summer. Thank you to Nth Dimensions for giving me this unparalleled opportunity to learn about radiology through shadowing and research.

Here are some photos of me with some of the attendings, fellows, and students throughout my internship.