Nth 2019 Scholars in action


Noah Nicholas, Physical Therapy

Noah Nicholas, a physical therapy intern with the OrthoCarolina Hand Center through Nth Dimensions and a member of the class of 2020 at Howard University, recently presented his intern project to the National Medical Association.  Noah talked about amputee techniques and procedures including the starfish procedure, targeted muscle reinnervation, tendon-to-tendon transfers, types of prostheses, the Reconstructive Center for Lost Limbs, mirror therapy, dual-censored training devices, and more.  It was his first time presenting and says because he was the only PT intern, his topic was very different from others’ and extremely well received.

Noah says of his comment presenting.  “The moment made me realize that I learned a lot of information in a short span of time.  It also made me realize how important this internship was.  When I got home, I presented to my mom, and she said, wow, you learned all that in eight weeks??


Samantha Okundia, Orthopaedics

Samantha did a fantastic job in all aspects of her summer internship. She went above and beyond in regards to research expectations and capitalized on new opportunities when they arose. She utilized all available resources efficiently and effectively to accomplish her research goals. She took initiative to improve upon skills that were taught early in the summer (i.e. suturing, splinting, etc.), and demonstrated progression in these areas. Samantha integrated well into the team and was a great help in the OR and in clinic. She attended twice weekly didactic sessions during her four week rotation where she established a keen interest in knowledge in orthopaedics. She was always interested and engaged in topics and asked very insightful questions.


Xi Chen, Orthopaedics

Xi was a very proactive learner. She was able to assess a clinical/OR situation and figure out a way that she could positively contribute. She asked appropriate questions and clearly was reading to try to educate herself and then asked more advanced questions than one might expect from a medical student. She was very self-sufficient on a lot of her research project, setting up the database and doing a lot of the statistical analysis on her own - very impressive!


Tony Goncalves DaLomba, Orthopaedic Surgery

Tony did a superb job. He is pleasant, diligent and intelligent. Tony did an outstanding job in the clinic and functioned at a higher level than his training!