Sawbones Workshop at Meharry Medical School

Great turnout at our Clinical Lecture and Sawbones Workshop at Meharry Medical School. Thank you to all our volunteers and attendees for making it a success!


P H A S E 1:

Clinical Correlations Lectures and Hands-on Workshops To increase awareness of the specialty being addressed through surgeon led lectures and hands-on workshops with target groups of minorities and women.These sessions act as a primary point of recruitment meant to expose students to the field early in their medical and undergraduate school matriculation and to inform and recruit students for the Orthopaedic Summer Internship program. Clinical lectures and sawbones workshops are conducted at Historically Black Colleges and Universities medical schools and at conferences of the Student National Medical Association and the Latino Medical Student Association.

Students from the following U.S. medical schools and associations participated in 2016 - 2017 PHASE 1 programming:

Morehouse School of Medicine

Latino Preparatory Academy

Howard University College of Medicine

Student National Medical Association

Latino Medical Student Association

Xavier University


Meharry Medical College

UT Southwestern

Latino College Preparatory Academy



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