General Questions:


1. Do you offer other programs besides the Medical Student Symposium Grant and Summer Internship Programs?

   We offer regularly scheduled medical student interest webinars and forums with Nth Dimensions leadership, alumni and scholars. Registration information will be available on our events page.


Medical Student Symposium Grant Questions:


1. When will the application season open for the Medical Student Symposium Grant?

   A: Our applications season opens annually on November 1st via our website.


2. What are the requirements for the Medical Student Symposium Grant?

   A: In addition to your application all students will be required to submit letter of good standing from your institution, current CV/Resume. Proof of purchase for the transportation to the meeting will also be required.


Nth Dimensions Summer Internship Program Questions:


1. When will the application season open for the Summer Internship Programs?

   A: Our applications will be up every year on December 1st via our website.


2. What are the requirements for the Summer Internship Program?

  A: You will need to submit 2 letters of recommendations, cv/resume, letter of good standing from your institution, head shot, and official transcript in addition to your application.


3. Are undergraduates and students (not first year medical students) allowed to apply to the Summer Internship Programs?

   A: Undergraduates are only allowed to apply for the Physical Therapy Program. Only first year medical students are eligible to apply for the radiology and orthopaedic surgery programs.


Clinical Lecture and Sawbones Bioskills Workshop Questions:


1. How can I find other workshops in my area?

   A: Visit for a list of upcoming events. You can also join our social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) as we post a lot of updates on our outlets.


2. I am a White/Caucasian, can I still attend the workshop?

   A: Our organization has a no exclusions policy, so all students are welcomed and encouraged to attend.


3. What is the dress code/attire for the workshop?

   A: This is a professional event.  Please dress in comfortable business casual attire.  Remember, in addition to gaining clinical skills training from orthopaedic surgeons, the workshop is also a valuable networking opportunity.


4. How can I bring a workshop to my school/institution?

   A: Please contact our Director of Strategic Partnerships at


5. I am a high school/undergraduate student, can I still attend the workshop?

   A: We certainly welcome you to come and join the session.  There may be a handful of other highschool students, with the majority of attendees being undergraduate and medical students. However, we do not want to pass up the opportunity to expose you to the fields of orthopaedic surgery, radiology and physical therapy.