For the first time in this, the 13th year of our Nth Dimensions Summer Internship Program, our 31 orthopaedic, radiology and physical therapy interns joined forces in an act of gratitude and donated $150 to a future Nth Dimensions Summer Intern.

This has never happened before and we are soooooo grateful for the collective energy that moved our students to align their appreciation with their actions.

We were so inspired that we have created a Match the Magic campaign to create an opportunity for our friends and supporters to match the Nth Scholars’ $150 gift x 10.


Match The Magic

We are confident that there are 100 supporters whose personal missions align with that of the work that Nth Dimensions is committed to, both in the past and in the future.

We are encouraged by the Match the Magic partners who have already “Matched the Magic” and now we want to spread the word to meet our goal of having 100 supporters by doing the same by December 31, 2017.


INDIVIDUAL donations

Will go towards support of the organization’s operations and student programs.

   As you know Nth Dimensions has:

  • Doubled the number of 2017 Nth Clinical Correlations and Bioskills Workshops across the country (look out for our blogs in the next few months)
  • Increased the number of Nth Dimensions Summer Interns to 31 (the most ever)
  • Build new pipeline in radiology in partnership with the American College of Radiology
  • Released our 2016-17 Nth Scholars Review
  • Published another peer-reviewed article in the American Journal of Surgery
  • Recognized our donors for over $33,000 in donations in 2016
Nth Dimensions would not be where we are without the generous support of sponsors and donors through the years. Consider donating today to support the work of Nth Dimensions.

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