+ Who is eligible to apply for the NDSI??

Orthopaedic Summer Internship (OSI):

First-year medical students who are in good standing in an accredited US medical school are eligible to apply.

Radiology Summer Internship (RSI):

First-year medical students who are in good standing in an accredited US medical school are eligible to apply.

Physical Therapy Summer Internship (PTSI)

Sophomore and junior UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS who are in good standing in an accredited US college or university are eligible to apply.

+ Are medical students from foreign medical schools eligible to apply?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept medical students from foreign medical schools, primarily we because we don’t have capacity to manage the immigration and visa requirements necessary to provide internships for foreign medical students.

It is my understanding that any medical student can apply, but you give priority to underrepresented minority students. Is that correct? Or are only URM students eligible to apply. ~Any 1st year medical student is eligible.

+Is there flexibility of the internship dates?

There is limited flexibility depending upon your institution’s academic year start and end dates.

+ How will I know if my recommendations were sent in from my professors?

We will send you an email confirmation letting you know when a letter of recommendation was received.



+How do I apply for the NDSI?

Online applications are to be completed by 11:59pm EST of the deadline date. ALL requisite forms, recommendations and letters of good standing from your registrar must be submitted by the deadline date, as well. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

+What happens after I submit my application?

Round 1 - Every application will be reviewed by the Internship Selection Committee. If your application has been selected to move to Round 2 Interviews, you will be notified via email by the last week in January with an interview date and time.

Please note: EVERY application is reviewed twice by the committee to ensure objectivity in the application review process.

Round 2 – Approximately 40-50% of applicants are selected for Round 2 NDSI Interviews, which take place in February.

+How are NDSI Interviews conducted?

If selected, you will receive a Go To Meeting link for the specific date and 15 minute time block for your interview. These are video interviews in which NDSI interview committee members will be able to see you, however you will not be able to see the interviewers.

Attire: Business

Do not miss your interview slot! If you have any issues, please contact the Program Coordinator at info@nthdimensions.org.

+ What happens after the interview?

All applicants will receive notification as to whether they were selected as an NDSI or not.

The selection email will be sent by March 29, 2019.

Preceptor matches will be confirmed by April 30, 2019.

NOTE: The NDSI Match process takes place throughout the month of April. Please be patient about receiving your NDSI match information, as we work to make sure that the pre-determined matches will work for each NDSI.



+ How are selected interns matched to preceptors?

Interns are placed and matched by the NDSI Selection Committee. The matching process is part of the real-time intern selection process. Interns are selected and matched to maximize relatability to their chosen preceptors.

The goal is to match the intern with the preceptor who can optimally support the intern:

  • clinically, in outpatient, inpatient and in procedure or operative scenarios
  • in research and
  • as professional interests based on CV and responses to application and interview questions

We believe this relatability can inspire long-term growth, performance, and promotion in the intern’s chosen craft.



+ Is there funding available for the NDSI?

The NDSI program was developed to provide our NDSIs with critical early exposure to competitive fields of medicine. We continue to secure funding for the NDSI positions in order to prevent finances from being a barrier for our students to participate. Unfortunately, we do not have full funding for every NDSI, hence we have funding opportunities available for those who are selected.

At the sole discretion of the NDSI Selection Committee, you will receive funding in one of the following categories:

  1. Fully-funded
  2. Partially-funded
  3. Self-funded

It is our goal to provide meaningful NDSI experiences for our Nth Scholars. Unfortunately, we are not able to fully-fund every student.



+ Are there opportunities for interns to mentor?

We expect that any intern selected into the Nth Dimensions family is both being mentored and mentoring. There will be opportunities to guide high school and college students looking for direction and exposure. You may also be called upon to guide a medical student in need of advice or network connection based on your experiences.

I had difficulty uploading my 3-minute video to the application. The original format was "mov", so I was able to put it through iMovie and change it to "mp4", but neither format worked for the application. Are there any other methods I can use to upload/send the video to you?

Both .mov and .mp4 formats should be accepted. If you experience further difficulty, you can email it directly to info@nthdimensions.org or share it via google drive link or Dropbox.