Nth Dimensions was founded in 2004 by orthopaedic surgeons working collaboratively with academic institutions, community surgeons, and industry to address the dearth of women and underrepresented minorities (URMs) in orthopaedic surgery. The overarching goal of Nth Dimensions is to address and eliminate healthcare disparities for all communities.  The primary mission is to provide resources, expertise, and experience, through developing and implementing strategic pipeline initiatives.  

Founded In 2004 By Orthopaedic Surgeons With The Desire To See Women And Minorities Advance In The Field Of Orthopaedics.

Specifically, Nth Dimensions’ core value for sequential programming includes:

Early initial exposure and hands-on experience

Clinical and research experience

Mentoring and professional development



We Develop Programs Focused On Increasing The Number Of Women And Under-Represented Minorities In Specialty Fields Through Specific And Engaging Programming.

Strategic and longitudinal pipeline programs focused on increasing the number of women and URMs in specialty fields can positively impact the numbers of students matching into specialty fields. Other specialties, such as otolaryngology, radiology and interventional radiology, could benefit from the Nth Dimensions’ programs. Using a systematic and repeatable process, it is the goal of Nth Dimensions to partner with medical professionals in specialties that have a significant shortage of women and URMs, to create competitive residency applicants and provide consistent and successful pipeline programs in these fields. 


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OPM Education, Inc., d/b/a Nth Dimensions, a tax-exempt entity under Section 501(c)3of the Internal Revenue Code.