Sawbones Bioskills Hands-on Workshops (Sawbones)

In order to increase awareness of the specialty being addressed, community and academic surgeons lead lectures and hands-on workshops with target groups of minorities and women students. These sessions act as a primary point of recruitment meant to expose students to the field early in their medical school matriculation and to inform and recruit students for the Orthopaedic Summer Internship program. Clinical lectures and sawbones bioskills workshops are conducted at undergraduate institutions, medical schools, and conferences of the Student National Medical Association and the Latino Medical Student Association.

Medical Student Symposium (MSS)

All medical students

Medical students from across the country participate in a full day of activities during the AAOS meeting which include the Annual Trilogy Breakfast, visits to the exhibit hall, the annual luncheon of the J. Robert Gladden Society, and afternoon plenary sessions. Nth Dimensions awards housing grants to approximately sixty selected students to attend the annual meeting.


Applications opening on November 1.

Nth Dimensions Summer Internship (NDSI) *

After undergoing a stringent and competitive application process, students are selected to participate in this eight-week clinical and research internship.  Currently, we have internships with the following specialities:

Orthopaedic Surgery

Physical Therapy (Undergraduate Students)

Orthopaedic Surgery Internship

This is a four-year developmental program, designed to expose medical students to the field of orthopaedics throughout their medical school matriculation. During the student’s 2nd-4th years of matriculation, the students receive core support from their internship Preceptor and are encouraged to develop relationships with other orthopaedic surgeons through interactions and mentoring activities during annual programs at the annual meeting of the AAOS, J. Robert Gladden Society and Ruth Jackson Orthopaedic Society meetings.

*NDSI was formally known as the Orthopaedic Summer Internship (OSI). The name has been updated to reflect the program expansion into other specialties we are working with to advance diversity.

**Please note internship locations are selected by the Executive Director, based on interests and best match.

Physical Therapy Summer Internship

(Undergraduate Students - advancing into their senior year of study)

Apply for the Physical Therapy Summer Internship Program, sponsored by Nth Dimensions and OrthoCarolina. All junior (entering senior year) undergraduate students are encouraged to apply for this program especially designed for gender and ethnic minority students pursuing careers in Physical Therapy. Summer interns work side by side with experienced physical therapy Preceptors in a challenging academic and private practice environment.

Turn your Physical Therapy aspirations INTO REALITY!

Applications opening on December 1.